OSCE / CROATIA: Case of Dalibor Močević

By Attorney Miljan Timotijevic

OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 

Warsaw, Monday 23 September 2019 

Working Session 10: Rule of law and equal enjoyment of human rights

 CROATIA: Discrimination before the courts, government bodies and institutions based on ethnic origin and denial of justice – Case of Dalibor Močević


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“Through the years Mr. Dalibor Močević a Croatian citizen of Serbian descent suffered inequality and discrimination before the institutions of Republic of Croatia in cases of his mother’s suspicious death in 2009, deprivation of property owned by him and his family in Croatia, his inheritance rights, right to family life and custody of his minor children, deprivation and inability to maintain personal relations and direct contact with his children living in Croatia, as well as unresponsiveness on his repeated reports of threats he has been exposed from known assailants during his unsuccessful search for justice within the system.


RECOMMENDATIONS: Since the Republic of Croatia is both member of the EU, Council of Europe, OSCE and the UN, and also ratified all international conventions in the field of human rights and rights of children we recommend to the OSCE to ensure that the courts, other government bodies and holders of public authority in Croatia honor internationally assumed commitments, comply with and effectively implement the ‘Rule of Law standards’ in each and every case brought before the judiciary regardless of nationality and ethnic origin of the parties.”




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