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OSCE / CROATIA: Case of Dalibor Močević

By Attorney Miljan Timotijevic OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting  Warsaw, Monday 23 September 2019  Working Session 10: Rule of law and equal enjoyment of human rights  CROATIA: Discrimination before the courts, government bodies and institutions based on ethnic origin and denial of justice – Case of Dalibor Močević   Link to full statement Excerpt: “Through the years Mr. Dalibor Močević a Croatian...


Case of Jaroslav Dobes and Barbora Plaskova: Report of Legal Expert (Dr. Athanassios Pantazopoulos)

REPORT OF LEGAL EXPERT Dr. Athanassios Pantazopoulos Link to full report Excerpt:  “Taking into consideration the Joint Decision of the Department of Justice rejecting the Motion for Reconsideration and the Motion for Bail (release) for lack of merit, stating that Mr. Jaroslav Dobes, Ms. Barbora Plaskova and her minor son Bono Plasek are not refugees and ordered the deportation procedure...


Fighting Corruption with Con Tricks: Romania’s Assault on the Rule of Law (David Clark)

Executive Summary Democracy in Europe is facing its greatest challenge since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The threat comes not only from the rise of political movements that openly reject liberal democratic values, including the governing parties of Hungary and Poland, but also from the risk of creeping authoritarianism caused by a gradual decline in standards of governance and...


European Arrest Warrant: Adamescu Case (HRLNWF)

EUROPEAN ARREST WARRANT: ADAMESCU CASE  5 September 2017 CASE BACKGROUND Alexander Adamescu, a writer resident in London since 2012 with a German passport, is facing a European Arrest Warrant (request for extradition) issued by Romania. Alexander has been educated at the Paris Sorbonne, Humboldt University Berlin and NYU. He is also a graduate from the Royal Central School of Speech...


OSCE / Right to a Fair Trial: The European Arrest Warrant in the Dock (HRLNWF)

OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting Warsaw, Tuesday 19 September 2017 Working Session 13: Rule of law II / Right to a fair trial The European Arrest Warrant in the Dock Recommendations concerning the European Arrest Warrant Considering that not all EU countries have fair legal systems and the EAW is vulnerable to abuse; Considering that the EAW’s own authority is...


Memorandum on the abuses in the Romanian arrest warrant procedure of Alexander Adamescu

Click here for the full report By Eeva Heikkila  Executive summary Alexander Adamescu is a German national who was born on 6 May 1978 in Bucharest. He is the son of Dan Adamescu, a prominent German businessman of Romanian birth. Alexander Adamescu is accused by Romania’s National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) of consenting to bribery based on the declarations of a...